Kuder FAQs

What is Kuder?

Kuder, Inc. is the nation’s leading provider of Internet-based educational and career planning tools and resources. Featuring self-assessments, educational planning, and career exploration and preparation, the Kuder Career Planning System offers the tools and resources that students need to make the right decisions about their career futures.


What assessments are available on the Kuder Career Planning System?

The KCPS offers three research-based assessments: the Kuder Career Search with Person Match, the Kuder Skills Assessment, and the Super’s Work Values Inventory. The Kuder Career Search with Person Match scientifically aligns your top interests with career clusters into an easy to read report. This is just the beginning to comprehensive career exploration and is your window into the exciting world of work! With the Kuder Skills Assessment, you get the chance to rate different tasks to your skill ability, and from there, view your results as they align to career clusters. By understanding what you're good at doing, you can look for a career where you will excel or find out what to study in college to increase your skill level. Super’s Work Values Inventory allows you to rate different workplace characteristics and learn what is most important to you as you explore many different career opportunities. Whether its creativity, income, or something in between, learning what you value in the workplace is an important part of finding the right career.


What other features does the Kuder Career Planning System offer?

Aside from the assessments, the KCPS offers all of the following:
  • Customizable Favorites List
  • Educational and Career Planning Timeline
  • Resumé Builder
  • Job Interview Planning
  • Occupation Search and Comparison Capability
  • College Search and Comparison Capability
  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Scholarship Search
  • Job Bank


Once I am out of school, will I still have access to my Kuder electronic portfolio?

Your electronic portfolio and the college and career information on the Kuder website will be available to you for the remainder of your life at no cost to you.





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