Work Ready Certificate Student FAQs


What is Work-Readiness Certification?

It is a program designed to verify that students have the basic workplace skills Sonoma County

businesses require. Student skills are "tested" by employer groups and certificates are awarded only to

those students who the employers determine are work-ready.


How were the work-readiness skills determined?

Over 200 Sonoma County businesses and employers responded to surveys and skill outlines based on

national employment trends. Specific requirements for entry-level employment in Sonoma County were

defined from these survey responses and related focus group meetings. The skills represent input from a

large number of local businesses, especially ones that offer entry-level employment to students.


How can I find out about and learn work-readiness skills?

Work readiness is not a class or course. The skills are taught in classes at local high schools, in work

experience programs, and by youth service agencies. Required academic skills—like reading and math—are

primarily taught in core academic classes.


How can I get a Work-Readiness Certificate?

You'll begin by collecting the required materials and documentation, then requesting an assessment date.

Documents related to reading and math proficiency, attendance and behavior records, and community

service patterns will be reviewed. An oral interview with business leaders will assess "personality and

attitude" elements and customer service understanding. There may also be an online assessment of

customer service and technology skills. If you're successful, you'll be awarded certification. If you don't satisfy all the requirements, you'll have the opportunity to fill gaps and try again.


Why would I want to get a Work-Readiness Certificate?

Holding a work readiness certificate will give you a distinct advantage when you apply for a job. You'll have

extra confidence knowing you have the skills you need to land a great job.


How do I get more information?

For more information about Sonoma County Work-Ready Certification, contact Dan Blake, the Career

Development Specialist for the Sonoma County Office of Education at (707) 524-2780 or






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