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What is Work-Readiness Certification?

It is a new program designed to verify that students have the basic workplace skills Sonoma County businesses require. Student skills are "tested" by employer groups and certificates are awarded only to those students who the employers determine are work-ready.

How were the work-readiness skills determined?

Over 200 Sonoma County businesses and employers responded to surveys and skill outlines based on national employment trends. Specific requirements for entry-level employment in Sonoma County were defined from these survey responses and related focus group meetings. The skills represent input from a large number of local businesses, especially ones that offer entry-level employment to students. 

How can I become involved with the Sonoma County Work-Ready Certification program?

Employer involvement is key to the success of the Work-Ready program.  There are a number of ways in which employers can participate in the program and show their support.  The first is by making classroom presentations in a local high school to explain the importance of the Work-Ready skills and encouraging students to pursue the certification.  Another way is to serve on a Work-Ready interview panel at a local high school.  Employers can also support the program by asking for Work-Ready Certification when hiring youth and giving priority to those students who have received the certification.  Also, entry-level job openings can be posted on the website.  Lastly, employers can financially sponsor the program to assist in the ongoing expenses associated with administering the program.

What are the benefits for employers?

Work-Ready Certification will ultimately provide a better-trained workforce to fill entry-level positions resulting in less employee turnover, less cost associated with training, fewer mistakes in the hiring process, greater customer satisfaction, and increased productivity.

How do I get more information?

For more information about Sonoma County Work-Ready Certification, contact Dan Blake, the Career Development Specialist for the Sonoma County Office of Education at (707) 524-2780 or






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