Sonoma County Maker Kids Mini-Maker Faire 2010: First of it’s kind Do-It-Yourself Festival to take place on May 8th

SANTA ROSA, CA—Sonoma County Maker Kids Mini-Maker Faire 2010, a first of its kind youth-oriented DIY (Do-It-Yourself) event, is being held at Sonoma Country Day School on Saturday, May 8th. Middle and high school “Makers” (and some specially invited adult Makers) are scheduled to show off their inventions including robotics, handcars, digital video, woodworking, crafts, and more at this fun, FREE event.

Produced by the Sonoma County Office of Education in partnership with Sonoma Country Day School and the folks who produce the original and world’s largest Maker Faire in San Mateo County each year, Maker Kids Mini-Maker Faire celebrates things people create themselves -- from James Bond-worthy electronic gizmos to entries in the Great West End & Railroad Square Handcar Regatta. Inspiration is ever-present at the festival and there are surprises around every corner for people of all ages.

"At the surface, a Maker Faire is a fun event for people of all ages," explains Maker Faire Event Director Sherry Huss. "But we want people to experience more than just a day of creative entertainment, we want them to leave feeling inspired -- that they too can create things, express themselves, and engage the world around them. Our goal is to resuscitate the spirit of American creativity and innovation."

The impetus for producing a youth-oriented Maker Faire is to encourage young people in Sonoma County to roll up their sleeves and become Makers. This goal goes hand-in-hand with larger efforts in the County, around the State, and throughout the Nation to promote young people’s interests in Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering—-the so-called “STEM” careers.
Along with unique exhibits from students throughout Sonoma County, this year's event will include a Digital Media Showcase featuring work from students in digital media programs in local high schools.

Sonoma County Maker Kids Mini-Maker Faire 2010 event sponsors include the Sonoma County Office of Education, Sonoma Country Day School, O’Reilly Media, Make Magazine, and the Great West End & Railroad Square Handcar Regatta.

Sonoma County Maker Kids Mini-Maker Faire 2010

When: May 8th, 2010 (Saturday) 11AM - 3PM

Where: Sonoma Country Day School
4400 Day School Place, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Dan Blake, Event Producer
707-524-2780 office
707-974-8889 cell

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